Life of a TA Intern Part 3

September 17, 2020

A vlog series exploring working at Thompson Alexander from the point of view of our interns Natasha King, and Holly Morton.

Life of a TA Intern Part 3 – A week in the life of Natasha and Holly as they share their experience of finalising and ironing out the last few details before service launch!

Holly: So far this week we have been practicing launching our new Talent Advisory service, due to go live next week. We have been trialling what the response will look like by contacting prospective clients by calling them up, connecting with them on LinkedIn to send a direct message, or sending them marketing emails.

We have had a lot of positive responses, and I’m looking forward to officially launching soon.

Natasha: We have really started to lay out the groundwork for the project, including setting objectives for what we want to achieve, and creating steppingstones for how we will do this.

Through utilising different software’s, we have conducted extensive data research, defining the target clients and companies, and building consumer profiles so that we are best prepared.

We have also gone into extensive detail regarding the best methods to reach our target audience, and had a few practice calls to iron out the details and ensure everything runs perfectly for the launch.

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