Talent Advisory Service

talent Advisory service


Review of your company’s current talent process, troubleshooting ideas, such as recruitment attrition and high employee turnover rates, and formulating tailored solutions to counter this.
Involves speaking to stakeholders, purchasers, and members of the team to frame a more in-depth idea of the important issues your company faces.

Meeting with an experienced talent expert, sounding out your company’s problems.
Quick overview of your company’s current talent process and recruitment strategies.
A thorough and well thought out plan of action specific to your company alone.

  • Either a Telephone, Video, or face-to-face Consultation for half a day
  • A clear one-page marketed approach will be produced for your company, regarding both bespoke and pre-identified problems and solutions, which includes tailored insight and data analysis.

One Week Intensive Course

Onsite in-depth review of your company’s talent team and recruitment processes, to produce a detailed report that the company can use for future use.

Onsite Talent Team Consultation
In-depth Analysis
30 Day Bespoke Improvement Plan

  • Discovery Phase – Interviews with stakeholders, purchases, and other team members
  • Using industry tool selection to prepare detailed process analysis
  • Troubleshooting pre-identified problems

Month Long Plan

End-to-end consultation on your company’s talent process, exploring your company’s direct recruitment procedure, implementing a flexible and tailored approach.

Continuous talent support
Execution of a 30 day improvement plan
3 Month Bespoke Improvement Plan
Regular Check-Ins Available for Subsequent Potential Issues

  • Mentoring Employees through the technical application and general side of the hiring process
  • Applying industry tools to review, troubleshooting issues, ups killing the use of CRM systems and relevant technologies
  • Dissecting your company’s job specifications, examining company’s appearance to potential candidates

3 Month Deep Dive

Start-to-finish hands-on approach that results in the transfer of knowledge from our director to your company, allowing you to obtain the skills your company may need in the future.

Utilise Thompson Alexander’s uniquely vast network to source candidates for your company
Execution of a 3 month improvement plan
6 Month Bespoke Improvement Plan
Regular Check-Ins Available for Subsequent Potential Issues

  • Expand your company's awareness of market conditions within recruitment
  • Physically coaching staff through the hiring process to get the best outcome possible
  • Assist in the composition of your company’s job specification
  • Negotiate discounts on industry tools and job boards whilst employing relevant technology such as CRM systems

Case Studies

  • Saved a major online retailer £30,000 in less than eight weeks through assessing their direct hiring process and providing them with an internal recruiter to use.
  • Enabled a prestigious insurance firm to reduce their IT recruitment agency spend by £54,000 over the course of one year.
  • Advised a SME finance client on their entire direct sourcing strategy, and reduced their costs over the first three months by £10,500.
  • Worked with a large technology consultancy to produce a culture roadmap, a direct sourcing strategy, and upskill internal recruitment teams which saved £30,000 in three months.
What we believe in
Streamlining onsite hiring processes for efficient and effective recruitment solutions
Providing you with Results Driven Bespoke Talent Solutions