Life of a TA Intern Part 2

August 25, 2020

A vlog series exploring working at Thompson Alexander from the point of view of our interns Chumani Ward, Natasha King, and Holly Morton.

Life of a Thompson Alexander Intern Part 2:

A Week in The Life is a continuation of their current experiences, including them explaining the different tasks they have undertaken regarding this new project, which will be launching soon!

Chumani: It’s been really exciting to finally crack on the bulk of the project, scoping and setting milestones to set us through the launch phase. There’s been so much research to do to understand exactly how to position ourselves in the market.

Completing the blog post has also been a great achievement, and I can’t wait to begin drafting new ideas for next month’s blog post.

Natasha: Over the past couple of weeks, we have really delved more into the main project. This included bettering our understanding of the service we are providing, as well as formatting the beginning sections of it.

We have also focused our attention on marketing strategies that we can adopt to advertise this new service, from fundamentals such as google and LinkedIn adverts, to more out of the box ideas.

Holly: We have been focusing a lot on prospective candidate calls, to see if they would be interested in in the Testing and QA roles that we have live.

Halfway mark met!  ✅

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