Life of a TA Intern Part 5

October 6, 2020

A vlog series exploring working at Thompson Alexander from the point of view of our interns Chumani - Project Manager, Natasha – Marketing Insights and Analysis, and Holly – Sales Lead.

Life of a TA Intern Part 5 - Chumani, Holly, and Natasha share their recent achievements during their internship. Chumani discusses her latest blog post for TA, Natasha shares her experience designing an infographic, and Holly begins calling prospective clients!

Chumani: The past few weeks have been a really unique opportunity to bring in my wider passion for sustainability into my role and look at things beyond the world of recruitment. I think it can be quite easy to forget sustainability in a recruitment business because everything is process driven, meaning there is not that much waste produced or energy problems going on.

It’s been really nice to discuss with the team their thoughts on how Covid might accelerate the transition or hold back sustainable business models.

Natasha: I have recently been more focused in the Marketing side of Thompson Alexander, in particular producing and designing the infographic for prospective clients of our Talent Advisory Service.

Overall, seeing the end product was really rewarding after perfecting all the fine details.

Holly: I’ve been working on calling up potential clients for our Talent Advisory Service to generate interest and awareness.

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