Life of a TA Inter Part 4

September 28, 2020

A vlog series exploring working at Thompson Alexander from the point of view of our interns Natasha King, Marketing and Insight Analyst, and Holly Morton, Sales Lead.

Life of a TA Intern Part 4 - Natasha and Holly share their experience so far with sales, including conducting practice sales calls, and learning techniques to improve their pitches to prospective clients.

Holly: Over the past 2 weeks I have been focusing on calling up clients and looking at the best way to market our new service on our website, social media platforms, phone calls and LinkedIn direct messaging.

After a few initial mistakes, I have learnt the routine and how to be clear and precise. I’m really enjoying calling up clients and the whole the Sales Lead aspect of it. I’ve also enjoyed conducting market research which I wasn’t expecting to!

Natasha: During the last week I took on a more Sales focused role and started conducting test calls so that I can obtain a better understanding of what working in a Sales environment entails. Mt main struggle was probably my confidence when speaking on the phone, but we have worked on finding training seminars that will help with this.

Overall, this week has been really insightful and given me a better grasp in Sales techniques and methods.

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