Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion

We always ensure that we conduct our business ethically and to the highest standards.

We focus on long term client relationships built on trust and delivering an outstanding service. All recruitment procedures followed by the company are on the basis of fair and objectively justified criteria.

We believe a diverse workforce is a more effective workforce.

People of different backgrounds, education, and ways of thinking allow for a more robust source of ideas, innovation, management styles, and capabilities. We treat people with protected characteristics with fairness and equality. For clarity, nobody will be treated less favourably than another on grounds of; age, sex, disability, gender reassignment, gender identity or gender presentation, marriage, civil partnership, pregnancy, being a parent, being a carer, race, religion/belief, and sexual orientation. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination. Discrimination may be treated as part of the disciplinary procedure.

Where job applicants have a disability the position of the applicant will be reviewed and all possible steps will be taken to ensure that the applicant does not suffer from any disadvantage in the recruitment process.

Where an employee has a disability or health condition we are committed to ensuring they are able to work conveniently and comfortably, where appropriate to job roles we offer home working and flexible working hours.

An inclusive policy promotes staff satisfaction and retention, reducing costs, and maximising employee experience.

We believe that a truly inclusive workplace allows everyone to feel safe and relaxed about their identities, allowing them to focus 100% on their job without the expectation, or worry, of harassment. A workforce who can focus 100% on the job in hand results in a more successful company.